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Homage collection has its root in the Sonus faber DNA of highest craftsmanship tradition and excellence in sound performances. Since its very beginning during the Nineties with the first Guarneri and Amati Homage, this collection has ever been the most iconic representation of Sonus faber values.

Homage Tradition collection is a new tribute to the mastery of Italian violin-making; the now classic lute shape, the hallmark of Sonus faber production, has been revisited and taken to new heights by embodying both the classic lines of the Homage collection and those of the Lilium cabinet, thus giving new volumes to the speakers of this collection.


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The 3 way horizontal loudspeaker with a “Stealth Ultraflex System”, is the center channel designed to be the perfect completion of the Homage Tradition collection. From the aesthetical and functional point of view, the restyle of the Homage Vox is totally compatible with the rest of the precious elements of the line.A loudspeaker designated as the solution to bring to life the voice, Vox Tradition is the final piece for a state-of-the-art home theater system.



    The violin shape of the speaker cabinets is also the fruit of careful research and major restyling. The curves of the sides change and double, blending the lines of previous Homage models with those inherited from Lilium and giving these speakers larger volumes especially on the back. This evolution allows the cabinet to #better control internal resonances. The top has as main accent, once again, the wood with the same finish of the sides. The brushed aluminum enhances the line and the “Sf” logo in silk-screened glass placed right at the center of the surface.


    The world of ancient shipyards and the tradition of Italy’s shipwrights are the essence of the inspiration of the design of the Tradition collection. The new Wengè finish with maple inlays (a reference to the walnut finish of Olympica models) is the true aesthetic novelty of the collection and immediately links it with the elegant and timeless #design of the most famous Italian motor-boats with their iconic wooden hulls. The aluminum is brushed with Titanium finish and the leather on the front features the new coffee color. The essence of the walnut wood is preserved in the traditional “Red” finish with brushed black aluminum and the leather of the black front in line with the finish of the flagship models Aida, Lilium and Il Cremonese.


    Visible and typical element of the novelties of the new collection is the back panel in extruded aluminum, the external part of the Stealth Ultraflex system characterized by a laminar tuning derived directly from the solution adopted in the Olympica collection. The outline of this part acts as a vent favoring the flow of air through #the duct while controlling its speed and reducing any turbulence and hence distortion.  The back too is part of the Exosqueleton system complete with Dampshelves on the top and on the bottom of the cabinet.



3 way, full para-aperiodic vented box “Stealth Ultraflex System” technology, horizontal loudspeaker system.

Sonus faber “Arrow Point” DAD (Damped Apex Dome, synthesis of the classic dome and ring transducer) H28 XTR3-04. A Sonus faber designed 28 mm moving coil driver, with Sonus faber’s vibration optimized mechanical interface. The ultra dynamic linearity is given by the new Neodymium motor system.

M15 XTR-08. Sonus faber designed 150 mm neodymium magnet system ultra dynamic linearity midrange.

2 x W18XTR-08. Sonus faber designed 180 mm lightweight “sandwich” cone structure (high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins of cellulose pulp) woofers.

Non-resonant design, optimized amplitude/phase response for optimal space/time performance. “Paracross topology”. The impedance at low frequencies is controlled for a clear and friendly amplifier performance. Double staggered transfer function low frequency/room interface optimized filter. Highest quality is used in terms of the components: last generation Mundorf “Evo” Oil and Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors, Jantzen inductors.

Cross-over points
250 Hz - 2500Hz.

Frequency Responce
40 Hz – 35.000 Hz, Stealth reflex included.

89 db SPL (2.83V/1 m).

Nominal Impedance
4 ohm.

Suggested Amplifer POwer Output
50W– 350W, without clipping.

Long-term Max Input Voltage (IEC 268-5)
20 V rms

Dimensions (H x W x D)
315 x 836 x 385 mm
12.4 x 32.9 x15 in

35 Kg ea
77 Ib ea

Available Finishes

  • Wengè

  • Red

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